Please helpppp — who are using google ads?

i have using google ads for 2 years, I host my website in blue host, but for some reason i have to chage my server.
I tried hostmonster and ixwebhosting , but i don’t know why opening a webpage it take more than usual, sometime 2 minute or more.
but some day it open soon

SO I am asking you , what is you web hosting , and what is the best web hosting for website who are using google ads ???

Chosen Answer:

Again, your website is loading SUPER FAST. It may not be your hosting, but your own computer’s speed.

But if you want, you can choose to have your site hosted using Dedicated Server — where your site is the only one in the server. Shared web hosting is cheaper, but sometimes put more than 500-1000 websites in one box and if one site is using intensive resources then your site is screwed

But prepare to pay anywhere from to 00 per month for web hosting

This is a new site with Alexa traffic of only 3,008,406 – so I’m not sure whether you need all that firepower at this point when there’s not that many visits first

Concentrate on getting traffic first. Your web site loading speed is NOT a problem
by: imisidro
on: 5th April 09